PGM Trio Live at The Killroom

YouTube Premiere Event, Sunday, May 16, 5PM (PST)

YouTube Premiere Link: PGM Trio Live at The Killroom

Friends and family, you are invited to join us in a YouTube premiere of our sharing of a performance of a short set of music. We can socialize and celebrate together in the chat function of this YouTube premiere during this event.

We originally shared this movie in a virtual presentation for the Seattle Mirabella Community in February as a benefit performance for the nonprofit organization Northwest Music Mentors.

00:59 – “The Moontrane” (Woody Shaw)
04:52 – “Fee Fi Fo Fum” (Wayne Shorter)
09:31 – “Shants” (Matt Hopper)
13:56 – “Turnaround” (Ornette Coleman)
20:05 – “Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk” (Charles Mingus)
25:17 – “Like Sonny” (John Coltrane)
29:17 – PGM Trio Recordings Available

Recorded at The Killroom Studio, Seattle, WA, January 23, 2021

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